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Beat SCAD & UK Research Update – 25 September 2021

Join us for a research update from UK SCAD experts!

Dr David Adlam, who is leading the UK SCAD research project, will update us on all things SCAD and answer questions from delegates.

Many SCAD patients are also diagnosed with Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD). One of the UK’s leading FMD experts, Dr Tina Chrysochou, will be giving a brief explanation of what FMD is; an overview of current FMD research; exciting news about the development of a UK FMD research registry to link into the European research and finally some details about her specialist FMD clinic in Salford.

Dr Alice Wood, SCAD Research Fellow (2017-2021) at the Cardiovascular Research Centre, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester will talk about her PhD work that has been partially funded by Beat SCAD donations, summarising the scope and aims of her research; the number of participants; details of assessments performed and explains the steps she is now taking to analyse data and write her thesis.

The event is on Saturday 25 September 10am-12pm. Tickets are £15.

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You can also watch the individual presentations:

A short film explaining why Aimy Stevens made a film about SCAD in memory of her mum, who died following a SCAD. Click here to watch the film, This is SCAD.

Karen Rockell, Trustee, interviewed Dr Tina Chrysochou, Consultant Nephrologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Sciences within the School of Medical Sciences, Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust about Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD). Dr Crysochou explained what FMD is and discussed the FMD Registry which is due to launch soon.

Rebecca Breslin, Chair Trustee, interviewed Dr Alice Wood, who has recently finished her research fellowship on the SCAD research team in Leicester.

Dr David Adlam, Associate Professor of Acute and Interventional Cardiology at University of Leicester & Honorary Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at University Hospitals Leicester, who is leading the SCAD research in the UK then took the floor and discussed the various research papers that have been published over the last couple of years.

Q&A session where Dr Adlam answered many questions about SCAD, migraines, hormones, the menopause and more.

Our wellbeing – what can we learn from research, pandemics and each other?

13 February 2021

Dr Colette Soan kindly offered to lead this session. Dr Soan works as an educational psychologist in a local authority and as a lecturer at The University of Birmingham. She has had two SCADs and a diagnosis of FMD.

She discussed the research about SCAD and wellbeing, along with the impact of the pandemic. She talked about both post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth and what that may mean to us as a group.

We also discussed

  • What the Beat SCAD Cardiac Rehabilitation survey tells us about the need for psychological support after SCAD.
  • How Beat SCAD Buddies can help SCAD patients

This was a free event, but to help us continue our support of SCAD patients and their families donations would be appreciated. Click here to donate.

You can view a recording of the event on our Youtube channel.

And there’s a round-up of what was discussed here.


Beat SCAD & UK Research Update – 7 November 2020

It’s our fifth birthday! Join us for a research update from the UK SCAD experts, celebrate our achievements over the past five years and hear about our plans for the future!

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Watch videos from this event:

Beat SCAD is 5!

Dr David Adlam on SCAD research

Dr Alice Wood on her study of sub-groups

Dr Abi Al-Hussaini on SCAD and pregnancy

Q&A session with SCAD experts

Cardiac rehab survey

Looking to the future