Hosting a fundraising event is a brilliant way to support us and help other SCAD patients.

Supporters have done lots of different events in the past, from bake sales, golf challenges, fundraising dinners, auctions and more.

If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas. And if you'd like some leaflets to help explain who you are raising money for, or some cardboard collection boxes for people to donate during your event you can order them from our Shop. Please order well in advance and if you have any questions, contact us

Sponsorship & Gift Aid

You can download our Sponsorship form and ask UK tax payers to opt in to Gift Aid using this form.

Once you’re ready to send in the money raised, please contact us for our bank details.

Book sale

This is a great option for schools and clubs! Ask people to donate unwanted books – fiction, non-fiction, cookery books, DIY… advertise your sale well in advance and tell people you're raising money for charity. Decide on the selling price, lay the books out on a table in categories, so they're easy to see, and start selling!

Pub quiz or Games night

Everyone loves having fun and a pub quiz or games night is a great way to raise funds. Ask your local pub or club if they'll host the event and if they've done this sort of thing before they'll be able to give you loads of advice on how to organise and promote it. Ask people to pay to enter individually or as part of a team, ask for prizes you can raffle or auction during the event and ask for donations, too.  

Murder mystery party

Create your own crime story or download ideas and a script from companies such as The Murder Mystery Store or Host a Murder Mystery. Sell tickets to your party, ask people to donate prizes you can give to the first person to guess who the murderer is, or to the best-dressed guest. Ask for items you can raffle or auction to raise money and ask for donations. It's a fun and chilling way to raise money for us!

Sponsored walk, run, cycle, row, squats, press-ups…

Gather a group of friends and family together for a sponsored event. You don't need to be a marathon runner or a champion swimmer – all you need is enthusiasm and ideas!

Decide what you want to do, find a venue, whether it's your local park or your gym, make sure you know about and abide by any restrictions on fundraising. Sign up people to your event and ask them to get sponsorship using a Just Giving page or use our Sponsorship Forms, and have fun!

Karaoke night

Who doesn't love a good singalong? Whether you organise it yourself, hire the equipment or use a Karaoke venue, such as a local pub or restaurant, you're sure to have a great time! People can pay to sing, you can make it a contest and ask people to donate prizes for the best, worst singer, the silliest song – and why not ask people to dress up as their favourite singer and give a prize for the most convincing?

Bake sale

Calling all bakers! Who doesn't love cakes and biscuits? Why not host a bake sale to raise money for Beat SCAD? Gather some friends together to help you, bake some tasty treats, invite friends and family round for a delicious fundraiser! You could ask for donations to Beat SCAD too!

Easter egg hunt

Find a venue, such as a local park, ask people to donate the eggs, promote the event and charge an entry fee, get a team together to help you and hide the eggs for the kids to find. Ask people to donate prizes for the children who find the most eggs and ask for donations to Beat SCAD during the day.

Talent contest

A great idea for schools and clubs and children will love performing for the audience. First, find a venue – a school or church hall perhaps, get a team of volunteers together to help, including some judges and someone to compere the event. You could get local shops and businesses to have stalls to sell their products if the event is big enough, and ask them to donate any profits to Beat SCAD. Or even better, ask them to sponsor the event! Promote the event and ask people to pay to enter… and have fun!