Research into SCAD is happening across the world and the UK research is taking place in Leicester. Beat SCAD encourages all SCAD patients to consider registering to take part in the research. The more data the team are able to collect the better results we will be able to achieve.

You can review current SCAD studies and volunteer to take part in them.

And you can read published SCAD research here and share with your healthcare professionals. Use our Downloads form to request our summaries of research papers.

What to expect if you take part in the research

Dr Adlam discusses SCAD research

Beat SCAD funds the UK research and we are determined to continue supporting it as it continues to answer the many questions we still have about SCAD. You can help us by donating!

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When you contact the SCAD registry, you will be sent a consent form which gives permission for researchers to request your medical records and angiogram images.

Once the research team have confirmed a diagnosis of SCAD by studying your angiogram you will be confirmed as a participant. You’ll then be asked to complete a questionnaire about your medical history and SCAD event.

Depending on what the team are investigating and what funding is available, some people may be contacted for further details or tests. If you’re not contacted for a specific area of study, be assured that the information you provide is still extremely valuable, as it can be used for things like epidemiological studies such as looking at recurrence risk, looking at pregnancy after SCAD, comparing how SCAD is managed in different countries, and so on.

Please note that the research is separate from clinical appointments so if you want to be seen by a SCAD specialist for your ongoing care, please request a clinical referral.


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