Healing (often spasm-like) pains have been reported by 60-90% of SCAD patients in different research studies, particularly by people who have stents. Other physical causes of chest pain can be musculoskeletal because of changes in our posture. 

It's a good idea to read up about Chest pain after SCAD. Being better informed can reduce the chance of developing hyper vigilance.

Anxiety can become a feature of post-SCAD life for many, with every slight change in the body causing a ‘what was that?’ lurch in the pit of the stomach. With a mind on high alert, it is no surprise that a small change in the body can quickly cause a massive over-reaction by the nervous system. 

For example, many patients experience ectopic heartbeats during their SCAD recovery. Dr Adlam talks about this from 41 minutes in this video. Knowledge = Power.

Panic attacks can very easily mimic heart attacks. Some re-admissions to hospital after SCAD for chest pain that turn out to be a false alarm may be caused by anxiety. Some people talk to their GP and get medications to support them.

There are lots of other things to try too: learning how to ‘rest’ the brain is key to mental recovery. Click here for an example of a relaxation video. There are many other resources online, from breathing mindfully, learning ‘rectangular breathing’, to practising mindfulness. It is very important to also prioritise sleep (see some resources below that may help).

At other times distraction can be a solution… jigsaws, craft activities, stroking a pet etc. Watching funny TV is great as well – laughter really is the best medicine.