Learn about SCAD

Having a SCAD can be scary and isolating, but here at Beat SCAD we want to help you to understand what SCAD is, symptoms and diagnosis of SCAD and what your physical and emotional road to recovery might look like.

Remember, the majority of SCAD patients recover well and get back to the things they love, so although the first few weeks and months can be worrying and you'll have lots of questions, there is hope for the future.

For some patients, recovery can be more complex and you may face difficult decisions or have to make changes in your lives to accommodate your 'new normal'. The SCAD community can offer support so please reach out to us.

Have a browse around this section, read some Patient Stories and use the Download form below to request our leaflets and information sheets. If you have any questions please contact us

You can order FREE printed leaflets and In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards from our Shop (UK & Ireland only).


You are not alone! Beat SCAD and the SCAD community can offer support and, if you would like one-to-one help, have a look at what our Buddy Service offers.

Events and Videos

Go to our Events and Videos section to watch videos of SCAD experts discussing the latest clinical advances and research findings, as well as Associated Conditions, such as Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD), exercise, cardiac rehab, wellbeing and more. 

Symptoms and Diagnosis

In the Symptoms and Diagnosis section you'll find information about Recurrence and SCAD and Genetics. Patients who would like to request a referral to a SCAD specialist should have a look at the Clinic Referrals page.

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Living with SCAD

In this section you'll discover what you can expect from Recovery, the Emotional Impact  SCAD can have, Contraception and HRT,  Pregnancy after SCAD, Finance and Travel.

We also offer some practical support about what you can put into your SCAD Information Pack, what to consider when you want to Return to Work, and why it's important to Advocate for Yourself.

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Emotional Impact of SCAD

Many patients find the mental recovery can be harder than the physical one, so being aware of the Emotional impact of SCAD is important. Take a look at our suggestions and resources and, if you find that SCAD has increased your anxiety levels, there are some suggestions to help you Cope with Hypervigilance.

Families and friends can also be affected by SCAD and this page offers some advice. Very sadly, some SCAD patients do not survive, so if you have lost a loved one, there are resources that may help on our Bereavement page.

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In this section, there is information about Medications, Checking for healing of your SCAD, Chest Pain after SCAD, Cardiac Rehab and Exercise after SCAD.

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