Useful links


The European Society of Cardiology European SCAD Registry

European Society of Cardiology SCAD Study Group information and video explaining the Registry.


Irish Heart SCAD booklet 


Dutch SCAD Registry is inviting SCAD patients in the Netherlands to register and complete a questionnaire.

Women’s Heart Foundation information about women’s cardiac health including SCAD.


Part of the European SCAD Registry – SCAD Poland.


SCAD France – Information and support for SCAD patients.

Mayo Clinic

SCAD research page

Mayo Clinic’s Youtube channel hosting videos about the SCAD research project initiated by Katherine Leon and Laura Haywood-Cory, who met on social media.

Non-profit organisations

SCAD Alliance – American non-profit with a focus on raising awareness and coordinating multi-disciplinary collaboration.

SCAD Research – American non-profit with a focus on funding research carried out at Mayo Clinic.

Rare Connect online SCAD community

Rare Connect is a safe, easy-to-use platform where rare disease patients, families and patient organisations can develop online communities and conversations across continents and languages. Beat SCAD created the SCAD Community.


Carolyn Thomas’ Heartsisters blog

Facebook pages 


Mayo Clinic

SCAD Alliance

SCAD Research

SCAD Poland

Facebook groups


SCAD UK & Ireland Survivors (closed group for those diagnosed with SCAD living in the UK and Ireland)

SCAD Ireland (closed group for those diagnosed with SCAD living in Ireland)

SCAD Family and Friends Support group (closed group for family and friends of SCAD patients)

SCAD Denmark (closed group for those in Denmark diagnosed with SCAD)

SCAD France (closed group for SCAD patients in France)

Netherlands SCAD (closed group for those in the Netherlands diagnosed with SCAD)

SCAD Community Sweden (closed group for Swedish SCAD patients)

SCAD Italy (closed group for SCAD patients in Italy)

Rest of the world

Australian SCAD (closed group for those in Australia diagnosed with SCAD)

Dissection spontanée de l’artère coronaire (DSAC) (closed group for French-speaking SCAD patients)

Life After SCAD 

SCAD Angels for people who have lost family to SCAD.

SCAD Nordic International Walker Group (closed group for SCAD patients interested in Nordic walking as a form of exercise)

SCAD Support Group (public group for SCAD patients and their families)

SCAD Survivors (global closed group for those diagnosed with SCAD)

SCAD Survivors New Zealand (closed group for SCAD patients in New Zealand)

For a list of US and Canadian SCAD Facebook groups see this comprehensive list on the SCAD Alliance website.