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Beat SCAD leaflets & information

What is SCAD? leaflet 

Diagnosed with SCAD? leaflet

SCAD for healthcare professionals leaflet

Aftercare for SCAD patients leaflet

Talking to children about SCAD leaflet

Beat SCAD’s summary of the European Position Paper on SCAD

Other medical conditions associated with SCAD

Beat SCAD videos

Beat SCAD Conference videos and presentations

Dr David Adlam’s most recent summary (June 2018) of SCAD diagnosis, treatment and management

Dr Abi Al Hussaini explains the mental wellbeing aspects of recovery from SCAD

Catherine Mulcaster talks about Psychology and self help after SCAD

Harriet Mulvaney talks about going back to work after SCAD

Information for healthcare professionals

Referral to an NHS SCAD clinic

Glenfield Hospital Leicester Referrals

European Position Paper on SCAD, February 2018

Open Heart Journal’s summary of the European Position Paper and the American Scientific Statement

European Society of Cardiology guidelines on ACS, including SCAD, September 2020

Support groups

Facebook SCAD UK and Ireland Survivors group 

Facebook SCAD Ireland group

Facebook group for SCAD family and Friends

Mental wellbeing after SCAD

Counselling & therapy

General information, including how to refer yourself (you don’t need to access counselling via your GP)

BHF wellbeing resources 

BBC mental health toolkit

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy) to help treat post-traumatic stress disorder

EMDR Association


Resources to help with anxiety

NHS information on anxiety, fear and panic

NHS information on Generalised Anxiety Disorder & medication

NHS information on improving mental wellbeing 

Mind information on anxiety and panic attacks 


Meditation and Mindfulness

NHS information on mindfulness 


Mindful information on mindfulness 

Practicing Gratitude (lots of information on this here but practising gratitude can be as simple as thinking of three things you are grateful for as you go to sleep, which will hopefully give you sweet dreams)


Five-minute breathing meditation

Rectangular breathing – this is really easy to learn and a very effective tool

Learning how to sleep better

Mental Health Foundation information on sleep

Sleep Council information on sleep

NHS tips to beat insomnia

Headspace information on how to sleep better

Sleep Foundation sleeping tips

Mental Health sleeping better

Exercise after SCAD

NHS information about cardiac rehab 

BHF advice about exercise in the early days after a heart attack

Information about the heart

NHS Inform (Scotland’s national health information service) describes here how our hearts function

NHS information about heart failure

The Cleveland Clinic’s information on Ejection Fraction and Heart Failure


Department for Work and Pensions website

Employment Support Allowance for periods of short-term illness

Citizen’s Advice Bureau

SCAD research

UK SCAD research project

Sign up to help UK SCAD research

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