Supporting a SCAD patient?

Family and friends of those diagnosed with SCAD often need just as much support as the patients themselves and, as it is a rare condition, there is limited information available, which can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration.

The SCAD Family & Friends Support Facebook group is a safe place for family and friends to support each other, discuss how a loved-one’s diagnosis affects them, the tactics and solutions they have found useful, and to provide opportunities for people to meet.

A parent’s illness can be traumatic for children, who can be fearful, scared, blame themselves or express other emotions and behaviours. It is important to talk to children about SCAD, but hard to know how. Our Talking to children about SCAD leaflet aims to help adults discuss SCAD with children.

Beat SCAD is committed to supporting families and friends and we welcome all ideas and input from across the SCAD community so that we can develop both a support network and resources on this page that might provide support.

Please email us with suggestions.