Every SCAD patient has a different experience both of the SCAD event and subsequent recovery.

Common to most is the question Why me? Fit and healthy people aren’t supposed to have heart attacks are they? 

For some patients, this can be followed by feelings of isolation, frustration, grief, stress, depression and more.

Recovery can be fast and problem-free, or patients can face further hurdles, be they medical, psychological or practical, including insufficient recognition of, or support for, SCAD patients who often end up knowing more about their condition than the medical professionals caring for them.

Browse the information in this section to discover what you can expect from Recovery, the Emotional Impact SCAD can have, Contraception and HRT, Pregnancy after SCAD, Finance and Travel.

We also offer some practical suggestions about what you can put into your SCAD Information Pack, what to consider when you want to Return to Work, and why it's important to Advocate for Yourself.



Emotional Impact

Many patients find the mental recovery can be harder than the physical one, so being aware of the Emotional impact of SCAD is important. And if you find your anxiety levels increasing, take a look at our suggestions and resources to help you Cope with Hypervigilance.

Families and friends can also be affected by SCAD and this page offers some advice.

Very sadly, some SCAD patients do not survive, so if you have lost a loved one, read our Bereavement page where there are resources that may help.

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