Student filmmaker creates film about SCAD in memory of her mum

Patients help Aimy create film about SCAD

Aimy Stevens’ mum Anita died following a SCAD two years ago and this year Aimy decided to go on a very personal journey to research the condition and talk to SCAD patients about their experiences.

She wanted to use her skills as a filmmaker to create a film, so contacted Beat SCAD to ask for help. We provided her with lots of information and put her in touch with lead UK researcher Dr David Adlam, who she interviewed. We also asked patients if they would help and we had a great response. Aimy interviewed three patients, Caz, Elizabeth and Erica.

The film, This is SCAD, was launched on 21 September, the second anniversary of her mum’s death. It is emotional and inspirational, so thank you Aimy and to everyone who contributed.

This is SCAD film