Prize draw proceeds help fund genetics study

£3,000 donated to fund SCAD research

The Beat SCAD Prize Draw took place on Tuesday 28th November at the Leicester Biomedical Research Centre, the home of the UK SCAD research project. Lead researcher Dr David Adlam and research fellow Dr Alice Wood drew the winning tickets in the presence of Trustees Rebecca Breslin and Karen Rockell and volunteer Jacqui Hughes.

The Beat SCAD team would like to extend a huge thank you to everybody who supported this event and bought or sold tickets. It was fantastic to see many members of our SCAD community joining in. Tickets were sold all over the country, from Somerset in the Southwest of England to Caithness in the far North of Scotland. Thanks also to everyone who donated the fantastic prizes and to Drs Adlam and Wood for drawing the winning tickets.

Trustee Chair Rebecca Breslin said: “The distribution of tickets up and down the country is a fantastic demonstration of the wide-reaching support of the SCAD community and dedication to keep raising money to help fund the research. Some of the group excelled at selling and should be immensely proud of their contribution to the overall total raised by this event.”

Ticket sales generated £3105 plus a further £187.67 was received in donations. With expenses deducted, the draw raised £2940.24 which Beat SCAD will round up to a £3000 donation to the research.

The £3000 will be donated to the University of Leicester and used to help fund an important part of the genetics study: to purchase and distribute blood sample tubes to research registrants who have not yet attended an appointment at Leicester.

Dr Adlam said: “The GWAS, or Genome-wide Association Study we are conducting requires as many participants as possible so it is vitally important that we collect blood samples from the SCAD patients who have registered for the research but not yet attended Leicester for a research or clinic appointment. The cost to purchase the equipment and distribute these blood tubes is in the region of £3K so the timing of this donation is perfect. Thanks to everyone for another fantastic contribution.”

Prize draw proceeds help fund genetics study