Open garden event raises money for Beat SCAD

Bake sale organised by Trustee Harriet raises £280 

Trustee Harriet Mulvaney raised more than £280 at an open garden and afternoon tea event on 7 August.

Harriet’s 80-year-old neighbour, Jill, opens her garden to the public every year as part of the National Open Garden Scheme. She sells tea and cake to raise money for charity and this year she very kindly chose Beat SCAD.

Friends and colleagues of Harriet helped to bake the cakes and her son Will, friend Tilly and fellow SCAD patient Sarah helped man the stand.

Harriet said: “It was a fabulous day. The sun shone but we had a beautifully shady spot under the pergola – could have been on the Med.”

Thanks to Jill, Will, Tilly, Sarah, Harriet and everyone who bought tea and cake and gave a donation.

Open garden event raises money for Beat SCAD
Harriet Mulvaney