Matt to raise money for Beat SCAD in memory of his mum Carole

Matt is planning to run 56 races before he's 56!

Matt Johnson has set himself a challenge to run 56 races by the time he is 56, the age his mum Carole died following a SCAD and cardiac arrest on 23 December 2016. The challenge has two aims – to raise money to help fund research and raise awareness of SCAD.

“Carole was an incredible mum,” said her son Matt. “She always put others before herself and her children were her world.” Her death came out of the blue and her family, husband Neil and Matt’s sisters Danielle and Samantha, were completely shocked and, like many people, knew nothing about SCAD. Read Carole’s story here.

Having done some research into SCAD and found Beat SCAD’s and the Leicester research project’s websites, Matt made contact with Dr Adlam, who is leading the research. The family realised that raising awareness and funds for research is key.

“I’m hoping over the next 28 years I can do my bit in helping to find some preventative treatment for SCAD,” said Matt.

Matt’s first race, on 3 September 2017, will be the Filey Lions 10K Beach Race.

“I want to do runs in places that have meaning for my family and links to my mum.” Carole worked at the Aughton Early Years Centre in Rotherham. “I’ve chosen this race as Filey is where my mum and staff used to take some of the children and their parents from her nursery away for a short holiday every year. The race actually goes past the place they used to stay,” said Matt.

Thanks to Matt and his family for all they are doing to raise awareness of SCAD.

We look forward to hearing about the race on 3 September and will update you on dates of future races.

Matt to raise money for Beat SCAD in memory of his mum Carole