Harriet Mulvaney steps down as trustee

During her five years as a Trustee, Harriet has made a massive contribution

After five years as a Trustee of Beat SCAD, Harriet has sadly stepped down.

Harriet, a mum of three, had a SCAD in November 2014 and, like many patients, searched for information about the condition. She was 44 and felt isolated and traumatised and had a long list of questions that no-one seemed to be able to answer.

As a busy HR Director she volunteered to do a talk at the 2016 Beat SCAD Conference about Returning to work after a SCAD. Her unique perspective as both a patient and HR professional was invaluable to delegates.

In 2018 she joined the Trustee Board. Her work centred around raising awareness of SCAD and supporting patients, mainly in Wales, where she lives, but also as a Buddy supporting new patients.

She has made great connections with cardiac rehab teams and paramedics and has attended meetings and given talks to these healthcare professionals, raising awareness and educating people about SCAD.

Harriet also managed the Beat SCAD Shop fulfilling orders and sourcing some great new products, including our lapel badges and the lovely branded hoodies and t-shirts.

Rebecca Breslin, Chair of Beat SCAD, said: “Harriet has made many important contributions and my fellow Trustees, Debbie and Sarah, want to thank her for everything she’s done to move the charity’s mission forward. We will miss her but are pleased that she will stay on as a volunteer and continue to spread the word about SCAD in Wales.”

Harriet said: “I have relished the opportunity to be a Trustee with Beat SCAD. Working with Becks, Debbie and Sarah (and Karen Rockell in my earlier days) has been an honour and a pleasure. The work they do is phenomenal. It has been truly rewarding to help support fellow SCAD patients; to raise awareness, make connections as well as have some fun raising donations these past five years. I’m at a point in my life where my time, thoughts and energies are stretched between extended generations of family and I have had to concede that right now this doesn’t afford me the time I’d like to focus on Beat SCAD. As many of you will know, I had a second SCAD last summer and, while this hasn’t impacted me hugely, it has given me pause for thought. As much as it saddens me, I need to take a break for the foreseeable future and focus on my family and my own health and wellbeing.

“I’d urge anyone to get involved with Beat SCAD. Lots of us doing small things can have a much larger impact than a small number attempting large things. If you have opportunity please do volunteer for this incredible charity, or even consider being a Trustee. It’s been one of the most important things I’ve done in the last five years. I very much look forward to continuing to be part of it and to meeting more SCAD patients in the future.”

Harriet Mulvaney steps down as trustee
Harriet Mulvaney