First SCAD conference brings UK survivors together

49 SCAD patients and their families gather to hear about research

SCAD survivors, friends and family gathered for the first ever UK SCAD Conference on 7 November 2015 at Leicestershire Cricket Club.

Setting a record for the most UK SCAD survivors in one place, 49 of the 88 delegates have suffered a spontaneous coronary artery dissection and many were told they’d never meet another SCAD survivor because the condition is so rare.

Dr David Adlam and Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini, who are leading the SCAD research project at the Leicester Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit, gave very informative and detailed presentations covering the condition and early findings from the research.

Dr Adlam discussed a range of topics from diagnosing SCAD and raising awareness among cardiologists and other medical professionals, to treatments and the pros and cons of different heart medication for SCAD patients.

Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini gave an update on the research project. 50 of the 100 patients for which funding is available have been through a range of tests. Nearly 330 patients have registered so far and additional funding is required to extend the project. She outlined what the patient research day entails, from arm and neck ultrasounds, to hypermobility tests and MRI scans.

Sally Bee SCAD survivor and nutritionist and chef on ITV’s Lorraine show gave an inspiring talk about her experience and some invaluable advice to those who have had their SCADs recently.

Delegates had the opportunity to discuss how the Beat SCAD charity, launched at the conference [ADD LINK], could help provide support both for survivors and family and friends.

“I’m extremely happy, proud – and relieved – that our first SCAD Conference was such a success,” said Rebecca Breslin, Chair of Beat SCAD.

“The launch of Beat SCAD was very well received and our amazing SCAD community eagerly began offering their ideas and skills to help us on our mission. We are all so driven to raise awareness of SCAD and find the answers to this rare condition. There is so much hope and support within our group. We have a lot of work to do but together we will Beat SCAD!”

Sophie Jardine, Carl Jones and Ben Kolb from the British Heart Foundation, which provides funding for the research, and Emma Beeston from the Leicester BRU exhibited at the event and giving delegates an opportunity to find out more about the organisations. Also at the event was Dr Claire Butler from the National Institute for Health Research Rare Diseases Translational Research Collaboration, which also funds the research.

Beat SCAD would like to thank Leicestershire Cricket Club for the fantastic venue and their staff for looking after us so well; ADLS Productions for filming the day’s events and all the speakers and delegates who made the day such a success.


First SCAD conference brings UK survivors together
Rebecca Breslin
Rebecca Breslin launches Beat SCAD
Karen Rockell
Karen Rockell at Beat SCAD's first Conference