Ellington FC sports Beat SCAD logo on football strip

Northumberland football team wears shirts to raise awareness

We are very excited that Ellington Football Club’s football strip is displaying Beat SCAD’s logo this season.

The club, based in Northumberland, is managed by Benn Bulley, whose partner Claire Stark approached us for permission to use the logo. She said, “We thought this would be excellent publicity for SCAD and hopefully raise some awareness.”

She added: “At Ellington FC’s first match of the season, the new strip brought them luck and they won! We have educated the team on SCAD and they are sharing their knowledge and advertising the logo in our local area. Hopefully it gets more people talking and asking questions.”

Debbie Oliver, Beat SCAD Trustee, said: “We think the strip looks great! Thanks to Claire and Benn and to the whole team for coming up with such a great way to raise awareness.”

Good luck to the team – we hope the new strip brings you loads more luck!

Ellington FC sports Beat SCAD logo on football strip