Beat SCAD’s Rebecca Breslin appears in BHF video about the SCAD research project

Rare Disease Day video highlights SCAD

Beat SCAD’s Chair Rebecca Breslin was recently invited to contribute to a British Heart Foundation video about the BHF supported SCAD Research project in Leicester. The video is released today for Rare Disease Day. Rebecca describes the filming: “Last week, I was very fortunate to spend an interesting and exciting afternoon filming with some lovely people from the BHF. It felt like a small taster of the reality-entertainment industry… I was followed around by two cameramen (act naturally, ahem!). I had numerous costume changes and even learnt a few tricks of the trade – not one of my usual afternoons!

“Describing my heart attack symptoms always brings mixed emotions – as any SCAD survivor reading this will agree – but it is an essential part of raising awareness of Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection… an important component of Beat SCAD’s mission.”

Earlier in the day, the BHF team filmed an interview with Dr David Adlam at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester as well as Dr Abi Al-Hussaini working hard on the SCAD research programme. Rebecca continues:

“There are quite a few aspects of my personal SCAD experience which make me feel lucky (beyond lucky!), one being crossing paths with Dr Adlam and subsequently having the opportunity to discuss research needs. I am extremely proud of our patient group achievements and contributions to getting the research under way and making it a success.”

The BHF’s multimedia team have done a tremendous job editing a powerful and informative video to raise awareness of SCAD, promote the research they help to fund and demonstrate a strong patient perspective. Rebecca concludes:

“I very much enjoyed my involvement in this video and I will definitely log this under Positives since SCAD! My two whippets were thoroughly confused by the course of events but seeing as it ended with me in my pyjamas drinking a cuppa beside them on the sofa, it all turned out OK eventually!

“Huge thanks to Christie, Tim and Sam for a unique and fun experience.

“Beat SCAD looks forward to more opportunities to work with the BHF.”

Beat SCAD’s Rebecca Breslin appears in BHF video about the SCAD research project
Rebecca Breslin
Rebecca being filmed