Beat SCAD receives £45K donation

The PGA European Tour Group event was in memory of a colleague who died after having a SCAD

Following a charity fundraising event by The PGA European Tour Group, Beat SCAD has received a very generous donation of £45,193.

The event was held on 9 August in memory of three PGA European Tour Group staff members who passed away recently. One of them, Clare Lipscombe, sadly lost her life after having a SCAD and cardiac arrest in July last year, aged 43.

David Garland, Director of Tour Operations, and Clare’s former boss, said: “Clare was not only a consummate professional in all she did but a wonderful friend to so many on the tour. She is hugely missed. We hope this donation will help Beat SCAD find some answers as to why SCAD happens.”

A phenomenal £135,579 was raised during the fundraiser, which included golf and dinner packages, raffle items, live and silent auction items plus general donations, and this has been split between three charities, Beat SCAD, Guts UK and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Trustees Sarah Coombes and Debbie Oliver attended the dinner and live auction event and were able to meet Clare’s sister, mother and father, as well as some of her friends and colleagues. Beat SCAD is honoured to have been nominated as a recipient charity by Clare’s family. Our thoughts are with them and Clare’s colleagues at the PGA European Tour Group.

“It was much appreciated that we could raise awareness of SCAD in this way,” said Sarah Coombes (pictured above) who spoke at the dinner. “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who contributed to the fundraiser. The money will help further SCAD research.”

Chair Trustee Rebecca Breslin said: “The Beat SCAD team extend immense gratitude to the PGA European Tour Group for the incredible donation raised from the fundraiser event in memory of Clare Lipscombe. Our thanks also go to Clare’s family for nominating Beat SCAD and to all who contributed to this amazing fundraising total.”

A massive thanks to the team at the PGA European Tour Group who organised the event and made it possible to raise these funds.

Beat SCAD receives £45K donation
Sarah Coombes