Beat SCAD awards £106,000 to UK research

Funding for Clinical Research Fellow

We are very excited to announce that Beat SCAD has awarded £106,000 to help fund a new Clinical Research Fellow for the SCAD research project in Leicester.

Dr David Adlam, lead researcher, is currently recruiting the Research Fellow, who will be appointed for two years, starting August 2022. They will contribute to and expand the research already done by the team, as well as help Dr Adlam with clinic appointments.

Research done by previous Clinical Research Fellows, Dr Abtehale Al-Hussaini and Dr Alice Wood, as well as other members of the team, has contributed to important discoveries about SCAD, so we are committed to helping this important work continue.

Thanks to the incredible efforts and admirable determination of Beat SCAD supporters since the charity launched in November 2015, we have awarded more than £297,000 to support Dr David Adlam’s research in Leicester:

  • 2017: £25K for Dr Alice Wood’s PhD research
  • 2018: £3K for blood tubes for a genetics study (which led to the identification of a genetic risk locus, PHACTR1/EDN1)
  • 2018: £50K for Dr Alice Wood’s PhD research
  • 2020: £64K for Dr Alice Wood’s PhD research
  • 2020: £23K for Dr Alice Wood’s PhD research
  • 2020: £15.6K for genetics work
  • 2020: £7.6K for proteomics work
  • 2020: £3K for laboratory consumables

Dr Adlam said: “This [award] is fantastic news. As mentioned previously, it has been relatively challenging to get funding outside of Beat SCAD and it is likely that things would have come to an end without Beat SCAD. Many thanks once again to the Beat SCAD Trustees and all your fundraisers for this amazing award.”

Rebecca Breslin, Chair Trustee (pictured ), added: “The Beat SCAD Trustees continue to be amazed and humbled by the drive and determination of the SCAD community, who are committed to the charity mission to raise awareness, provide support and fund research. We are so thankful to everybody who helped to raise these vital funds and enable the charity to work again with Dr Adlam to keep the UK SCAD research project moving forward.

“The presence of a Clinical Research Fellow at Leicester is also important to support the referral clinic service provided by Dr Adlam – which in turn is an essential educator to the Research Fellow, who will learn so much about SCAD directly from the patients.

“We are eagerly awaiting news of Dr Alice Wood’s work, which might steer some of the work of the new Research Fellow, and we are excited to hear news of an appointment and welcome the newest member of the Leicester team.”

More research to beat SCAD

We are now working to raise £25,000 to support the work of the new Clinical Research Fellow. Events hosted by the charity plus challenges completed by our amazing supporters will make this goal possible.

Rebecca Breslin
Rebecca Breslin, Chair of Beat SCAD