At Beat SCAD, we recognise the importance of protecting people and safeguarding as a governance priority. A charity must be a safe and trusted environment.

Beat SCAD trustees and some of our volunteers carry out roles that require them to interact with people who could be at risk of abuse, harm or compromised wellbeing. Any such risk could be identified in-person or online.

Beat SCAD trustees and volunteers themselves must also be protected from harm and Beat SCAD is committed to ensuring the charity is a safe and rewarding environment.

Beat SCAD has a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse and will thoroughly investigate all allegations.

We regularly review our safeguarding policy, which aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of trustees and volunteers about safeguarding at Beat SCAD. 

To ensure we are continually maintaining the highest standards of safeguarding, we monitor guidance from the Government and the Charity Commission on procedures and protocols for safeguarding. 

For further information, or to report a concern: