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We can help you understand more about SCAD, what you can expect during your recovery, how you can get support from us and other SCAD patients and learn to trust your body again.

Information for healthcare professionals caring for a SCAD patient including symptoms, diagnosis, management, treatment, clinic referrals, plus links to research papers and the UK research project.

What is SCAD?

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) is an under-diagnosed heart condition that can’t be predicted or prevented – yet. It affects people with few or none of the normal risk factors for heart disease.

A bruise or tear develops in the wall of a coronary (heart) artery and reduces the flow of blood, which can result in a heart attack and injury to the heart muscle. Patients can be treated with medication or they may need interventions such as stents or bypass surgery.

Research is ongoing to discover what causes SCAD and what the best treatments are – click below to read more and head to our Events and Videos page where you'll find videos of research updates from SCAD experts.

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Find out more about recovery from SCAD, associated conditions and looking after your physical and emotional needs.

If you have questions about SCAD or would like support, we're here for you, so please contact us for help. 

Learn more about current research into SCAD in the UK and across the world, as well as clinical trials and research publications.

We are excited to announce that Beat SCAD is the majority funder for a new Clinical Research Fellow for a three-year PhD on the UK SCAD research project led by Professor David Adlam in Leicester.

Dr John is currently an interventional cardiology trainee in Manchester and will join Prof Adlam’s team in Leicester from 1st February 2024. 

Beat SCAD Trustees, Rebecca, Debbie and Sarah

About Beat SCAD

Beat SCAD was created by patients for patients. We raise awareness of SCAD, support SCAD patients and their families and raise funds for research.

  • We understand the needs of the SCAD community and we push forward to find answers.
  • We provide knowledge and support to enable SCAD patients to take control of their diagnosis. 
  • We bring together SCAD patients and families to benefit from sharing their experiences.
  • We work collaboratively with our supporters and researchers to optimise outcomes.

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