Useful documents

Beat SCAD leaflets

Below are links to our A4 leaflets for patients and healthcare professionals.

What is SCAD? leaflet – Explanation of SCAD and where to find further information

Diagnosed with SCAD? patient leaflet – Information and advice for those diagnosed with SCAD

SCAD for healthcare professionals leaflet– Information for medical professionals

Aftercare for SCAD patients – Information for GPs and others caring for patients post-SCAD.

You can also download our trifold leaflets here. These need to be printed on A4, double-sided, then folded into thirds. For printed versions of these trifold leaflets, email

What is SCAD? (trifold leaflet)

Diagnosed with SCAD? (trifold leaflet)

SCAD for healthcare professionals (trifold leaflet)

Pregnancy-related SCAD case studies

Robyn’s story

Mel’s story

Rachel’s story

Lucy’s story

Helping children understand SCAD

Beat SCAD Talking to children about SCAD


Information SCAD patients may find helpful

Beat SCAD Information for SCAD patients August 2019

Beat SCAD summary of European Position Paper on SCAD

 Gift Aid & Standing Order form

 Beat SCAD Standing Order mandate & Gift Aid form

Story template and media release form

We’d love to post more stories on the website, so if you’d like to tell your story, but don’t know where to begin, download this story template for some ideas.

SCAD Story and media release form-Feb16