Scones for SCAD

In the past Beat SCAD supporters have held Scones for SCAD events during February. Celebrating Heart Month and Rare Disease Day, these events are a great way to increase awareness of SCAD and raise much-needed money for research.

The UK research started with funding from the British Heart Foundation, however that came to an end in 2017, so we need to keep raising money so the research can continue.

Beat SCAD is a small charity led by a group of volunteers. We have no full-time staff and all volunteers perform Beat SCAD duties during their spare time. Given the limited resources available, we rely on supporters to help us.

Every penny counts and even relatively small amounts can make a difference. For instance, the funds raised in our Prize Draw in 2017 meant we could donate £3,000 to the research project, which enabled the team to start a genetics study.

Scones for SCAD

The idea behind Scones for SCAD is that supporters hold events to bring people together, such as coffee mornings or tea parties, at work, at home, in the village hall… with the theme of scones, cakes, biscuits or any other type of bakes!

At Beat SCAD, we are all about healthy living and there is no reason your Scones for SCAD events cannot focus on heart-healthy recipes.

As well as raising awareness, fundraising is an important objective and there are lots of ways to do this, for example:

  • selling cakes and scones
  • creating games such as guess the number of sweets in a jar, where each go costs £1 and the winner gets the jar of sweets
  • have a raffle
  • ask people for donations
  • ask employers for match funding

For some inspiration, why not read about previous events and if you’d like to hold a Scones for SCAD event, please email us for information.

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