When you speak to any SCAD patient who has attended Glenfield Hospital in Leicester to participate in the only UK SCAD research programme, they describe what an incredible experience it is and express how valuable it feels to be a part of the journey to find answers to understand SCAD.

The research has already provided important findings, presented in the European Position Paper (published February 2018) as well as genetics findings and imaging findings.

But the research needs more funding and we can all do our bit to make this happen. Are you willing to help?

Beat SCAD are launching ‘The Alice Project

Dr Alice Wood joined the team in Leicester as a Clinical Research Fellow in 2017 to embark on a three-year PhD with a focus on studying important sub-groups including men with SCAD, those who have experienced more than one SCAD event, and pregnancy related (P-SCAD) cases. Beat SCAD have already donated £75,000 to help fund Dr Wood’s important work (as contributions to salary costs).

Beat SCAD are now working to raise £64,000 for ‘The Alice Project’ to fund an additional year of research by Dr Wood. Numerous events hosted by the charity plus challenges completed by our amazing supporters will make this goal possible.    

On Saturday 14th September, Beat SCAD are hosting a walk at Coombe Country Park, Coventry to bring together SCAD patients, their families and friends. Lead UK researcher, Dr David Adlam will give a talk to share latest updates about the research. The walk is a ticketed event and each adult pays £10 and under 16s are free. Funds will go towards ‘The Alice Project’.

Click here for full event details, including how to register and pay.

Beat SCAD are aiming to raise £16,000 from the walk, one-quarter of ‘The Alice Project’ total.

This may seem a daunting target but the UK SCAD patient group is approaching 600 members. If each group member could raise £30, we would exceed the £16K target! As a community, we can raise the funds that our research needs to keep progressing.

If you are unable to attend the Beat SCAD walk in September, why not host your own?

SCAD patients often arrange local meet-ups and a walk would be another great opportunity to come together in your region. If you use the Facebook patient or family and friends groups, why not create an event? If you don’t use the Facebook groups, feel free to reach out to the Beat SCAD team via contactus@beatscad.org.uk and we can check for any plans to meet in your region.

The Scottish patient group are hosting a walk in Edinburgh on Saturday 31st August and they have set up their own Just Giving fundraising page , which links to the Beat SCAD Alice Project page. This means they can track their own fundraising at the same time as contributing to the overall fundraising total.

How to link your fundraising to the Beat SCAD Alice Project page

If you would like to create your own fundraising page to raise money for ‘The Alice Project’ here’s how to do it:

1. Access the Beat SCAD Alice Project page

2. Click the orange ‘Start Fundraising’ button. You will need a Just Giving account to create your own page.


Alternatively, please consider donating via the existing fundraising page.

Tell us about your event!

If you choose to host your own walk, we would love to hear about your day and it would be amazing if you sent us some photos so we can write a story about your walk for our newsletter.

Why is the research so important?

One HUGE reason is the urgent need for SCAD to be included in National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. NICE guidelines inform healthcare professionals nationally and are developed according to the best evidence available. NICE recommendations are created by compiling feedback from experts, people using services, carers and the public. We are on the right path to reach this goal – with more research!

All donations are greatly appreciated – thank you!