SCAD in the news

SCAD patients have appeared in various press articles in the past few years. Click on the links below to find out more.
SCAD survivors in the press

The Sun article about Cathy Read’s SCAD

Clare Echo article about better understanding of heart failure, featuring SCAD patient Pauline O’Shea

St Emlyn’s Emergency Medicine article about SCAD

Hospital Times article about the data, research and policy gap that exists for women with heart conditions, with comments from Beat SCAD Trustee Sarah Coombes.

Metro article about Marie Louise’s SCAD

Eastern Daily Press article about Sue, Maura and Liz’s SCADs

Metro article about Rose Murphy’s SCAD

Kent Online article about Rose Murphy’s SCAD

BBC North West news piece about Katie Ratcliffe and her family’s awareness and fundraising activities.

The Daily Express article about Katie Ratcliffe, who died following a SCAD.

Cornwall Air Ambulance article about Jill being airlifted to hospital following her SCAD.

Euro Intervention article about recurrent SCAD by the Leicester research team.

Evening Standard article about Liz Huchison’s SCAD.

Leicestershire Press article about Liam Breslin’s marathon in aid of Beat SCAD.

Burnley Express article about Mel Moon’s SCAD.

Express article about SCAD.

The Sun story about Sally Bee’s SCADs.

Melton Times story about Rebecca Breslin supporting the BHF’s Wear It, Beat It campaign.

BBC News with SCAD survivor Harriet Mulvaney promoting the BHF’s My Marathon challenge.

ITV Central report on SCAD and patients taking part in a research day at Glenfield on Rare Disease Day (28 February).

The BBC Victoria Derbyshire show story about Nicki Owen’s SCAD at 29 weeks pregnant and Kate Alderton’s SCAD after a 20km run.

The Mirror article about Nicki Owen’s SCAD at 29 weeks pregnant.

The Huddersfield Examiner’s story about Paula Leadbeater and her mother-in-law’s Scones for SCAD event.

Belfast Live’s report about Julie McAllister marking the fifth anniversary of her SCAD by taking part in the Northern Ireland Chest, Heart & Stroke Red Dress Run on 11 February.

British Heart Foundation article featuring Rebecca Breslin and Dr David Adlam, discussing what it’s like living with a heart condition no-one has any answers for.

Daily Mail article featuring Rebecca Breslin, discussing why slim people can still be affected by health conditions commonly associated with overweight people.

Radio Leicester interview with Rebecca Breslin about the BHF Heart Heroes Award, SCAD and Beat SCAD.

Melton Times story about Rebecca Breslin, Beat SCAD Chair’s nomination for a BHF Heart Hero Award.

Belfast Telegraph story about Karen Ebrahim, sister of SCAD patient Bronnach Pemberton, who is running a marathon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Ilkley Gazette article about a lady taking part in a skydive in memory of her friend, Christine Tomlinson, who died following a SCAD event.

Mirror article about women in their 30s who have heart attacks, featuring SCAD survivors Laura Needham and Sally Bee.

Coventry Telegraph article about Sally Bee and her new restaurant, Nutrilicious at Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel.

Basildon Canvey Southend Echo story about Nicola Worts’ SCAD event.

Scottish Daily Record story about Jennifer and Karen Heenan’s fundraising for Beat SCAD’s Scones for SCAD events.

British Heart Foundation video about the UK SCAD research project, released on Rare Disease Day (29 February 2016).

ITV News item about SCAD and the UK research project featuring Beat SCAD’s Rebecca Breslin.

Tracy Frost interview with North Somerset Times about raising money by taking part in the BHF Dechox fundraiser.

Rebecca Breslin’s interview on BBC Radio Leicester Jonathan Lampon’s show.


Daily Post North Wales report about Gwyn Thorburn having a SCAD heart attack following a fire at her home.

Cambridge Times story about SCAD survivor Diane Baldry’s award from Slimming World.

Daily Mail interview with Sally Bee about long-term effects of medication.

Express interview with Rebecca Breslin (May 2015).

Involve article about SCAD survivors who used social media for public involvement in research.

Daily Record article about a brass band charity event organised by Jennifer Heenan and her sister Karen in Bathgate raised money for SCAD research (August 2015).

Mirror interview with Nicki Owens about her heart attack when she was 29 weeks pregnant (October 2015).

Agnes Van de Wolfshaar’s story in Dutch magazine Margriet.

Article in Dutch about SCAD, quoting Angela Maas, founder of Heart for Women and professor of cardiology for women at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Mirror interview with Sally Bee about how eating healthily helped her survive her heart attacks (February 2014).

Patienttalk article about how Rebecca Breslin and SCAD patients used social media and patient power to push for research (August 2014).

Express ‘Critical illness changed our lives for ever’ article, including interview with Bronnach Pemberton (June 2013).

Mail interview with Sally Bee about how to get your life back on track after a heart attack (July 2013).

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham report on the launch of Sally Bee’s book ‘After Your Heart Attack – a Guide to Getting Your Life Back on Track’ (December 2013).

Birmingham Mail interview with Sally Bee (July 2008, updated October 2012).