Cardiac rehab nurses
When Theresa Windsor (pictured above centre), an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with the Cardiac Rehabilitation service at Milton Keynes University Hospital, began caring for a SCAD patient, she didn’t know anything about the condition. She did some research and found Beat SCAD’s website and downloaded some of the support leaflets for her patient. Theresa also recommended her patient joined the SCAD UK & Ireland Survivors Facebook group to get some peer support.

The information on our website made Theresa want to learn more about SCAD, so she emailed us. We arranged for Co-Founder Karen Rockell to visit the Cardiac Nursing Team on 12th May to give an educational talk to the team of five.

“It was a lively session with lots of questions about SCAD and FMD (Fibromuscular Dysplasia, a condition associated with SCAD), how they are diagnosed and treated, and how to help patients,” said Karen.

After the talk Theresa said: “Your talk was very informative, I will definitely be trying to improve the outcomes for our SCAD patients.”

Educational talks about SCAD/FMD are available for Midwives, Paramedics, A&E staff, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Chest Pain Nurses. They can be delivered either via an online meeting platform or face-to-face. Please email to arrange a session.