Future events

Following two successful Beat SCAD Conferences in November 2015 and November 2016, plus a networking and fundraising Walk in June 2016, the Beat SCAD Team are reviewing plans for our current projects and next events in response to your feedback, the status of research, our resources and the advancement of our mission: to raise awareness of SCAD, to provide support to people affected by SCAD and to raise funds for research.

Current plans under review:

  • Supporting the SCAD community
  • Conferences
  • Walks

Supporting the SCAD Community: Regional SCAD Champions

Receiving a SCAD diagnosis can be a very frightening and isolating experience. Connecting with people who have been through, or are going through a similar experience is an essential part of recovery from SCAD and acceptance of how SCAD impacts your life. Connecting with people in your local region is particularly beneficial and many great friendships have blossomed from an otherwise traumatic event.

As the SCAD community continues to grow, regional groups are developing naturally and are an important source of support to the group members. It is important that new group members are able to access the support network quickly and easily.

Beat SCAD are introducing Regional SCAD Champions recruited from the survivor community. The aim is to develop local SCAD support networks via activities.

Each Regional SCAD Champion will be a contact point for their region and will take the lead to arrange local events eg informal get-togethers (could be a coffee and a chat in a garden centre etc), walks and/or occasional fundraising events such as Scones for SCAD.

Beat SCAD will provide informational resources and support to each Champion as needed.

Conferences and Walks

The Conferences and Walks are another important part of the Beat SCAD mission to support those affected by SCAD by enabling information sharing and networking.

Your feedback confirms that November is not the best time of year for the conference and that the primary reason for attending our conference is to hear about the research and have the opportunity for Q&A with the researchers – and you would like more time for Q&A.

Collecting and analysing research data requires a huge amount of work so delivering new information at annual conferences can be extremely challenging.

Our walks provide a fantastic opportunity for meeting others within our community – which Beat SCAD have also tried to incorporate into the conferences. However, networking time is restricted at the conference when the main focus is research.

As a result, the Beat SCAD Team are planning the following:

For 2017:

  • Host a National Walk (one-day event)
  • Deliver any pertinent research updates via webcast with accompanying Q&A opportunity via on-line discussion

For 2018:

  • Host a National Conference and Walk (two-day event) in May or June
    • Day One (Saturday): Conference for Survivors and Supporters
      • Shorter duration than previous conferences (eg later start to allow for morning travel; fewer presentations)
      • Research focused with Q&A per presentation
      • Potential workshops based on community feedback
    • Day Two (Sunday): Walk for Survivors and Supporters (children welcome)
      • Networking focused
      • Potential informal presentations (survivor stories, topics based on community feedback)
    • Attendance may be at one or both days
    • Advance block booking of accommodation to enable better evening networking after the conference

The 2017 and 2018 events will most likely be held in/around the Leicestershire area


  • Alternate the one-day and two-day events on subsequent years ie
    • 2019: National Walk
    • 2020: National Conference and Walk etc.
  • Venue locations outside of the Leicestershire area will be investigated for future events.

NOTE: Public and school holidays will be avoided wherever possible when scheduling Beat SCAD events.

Beat SCAD will continue to review the events plan according to the research progress and community needs. Your feedback is important to us.

Thanks to those of you who completed our recent survey – we have some very useful feedback. We’ll let you know our plans soon.

The Beat SCAD Team